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Welcome to Solapak Systems Limited


We specialise in the design and supply of dependable stand-alone solar power solutions.

Solapak Systems Limited (SSL) can trace its heritage back to the 1970’s when photovoltaics was in its infancy concentrating primarily on solar cell research, which quickly progressed to the supply of solar systems for professional applications all over the world. Today, SSL‘s staff experience spans four decades and utilises a firmly established network of specialist suppliers.

Company Merits


SSL is one of the only independent PV companies operating today with the ability to design and supply complete professional solar systems to a global market. The SSL team has an unrivalled reputation for supplying highly dependable energy solutions.
Our systems can accommodate any electrical power requirement and therefore the range of applications is infinite. However, the economic and technical constraints for giving the customer a solid professional solution to their power requirements is what has earned the SSL name world class recognition.

Range of Services


With state of the art system controls and a broad support infrastructure, we are able to satisfy most customer requirements – including the most stringent of technical specifications.
Holistic solutions integrating the end user/load can also be supplied.

SSL leads the market in the supply of Hazardous Area solutions. Certified PV arrays, batteries and complete control systems are available.

SSL continues to supply some of the worlds biggest users of professional solar systems, many of these are in the oil and gas and telecommunications industries.

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