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What We Do

There are two types of Solar technology:

  • Solar Thermal – using the sun for heating (usually of a fluid);

  • Photovoltaic (PV) – the direct generation of electricity from light.

SSL is a specialist Photovoltaics company.

There are two main types of PV system:

  • Grid-connected – also referred to as ‘grid-tied’ or just ‘grid PV’

  • Off-grid – more appropriately referred to as stand-alone or autonomous PV systems

SSL design and supply stand-alone (off-grid) PV systems.


SSL specialise in solutions for industrial customers.

We ensure world-class capabilities by focussing on core skills and markets.

  • Our services are not suitable for the general public

  • We do not supply grid-connect systems

  • We therefore do not offer domestic installations

  • We are not involved with subsidies (such as Feed-in Tariffs)

How our systems work

SSL systems convert sunlight into stored electricity.

Stand-alone PV systems, in basic terms, are battery chargers.

PV modules convert daylight into electricity – which is then stored in a battery. The energy in the battery can be used for an extremely broad range of services, as outlined on the Applications page.

Daylight goes in at one end, electricity comes out the other – with an extremely reliable PV system in the middle ensuring continuous operation.

When professionally designed, the battery supplies power though the night, during periods of bad weather and throughout the seasons. Our batteries last many years before needing to be replaced.

Generic benefits of our systems


It is relatively easy to make a stand-alone PV system. It is very difficult to design a highly reliable one with a lifetime of many years.

Benefits of our systems include:

  • High reliability (no moving parts)

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Very low maintenance

  • No fuel is required

  • Silent operation

  • Very long life

  • No emissions of any kind

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