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Solar Electric Generators (SEG)


Solapak SEGs are a complete, stand‐alone industrial power supply designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even in the world’s harshest environments.

The Standard SEGs are modular power units with capacities ranging from 300 Watts to over 30,000 Watts of useable electricity per day. To increase generating capacity, multiple SEGs are connected to meet load demands of any size, at any location, without the need to make expensive connection to the grid or use fuelled generators. 


Ideal for small equipment such as Lighting, Wi-Fi Repeaters, Security Cameras, Traffic Control Signs and Monitoring devices.


Versatile energy for applications ranging from Rural Electrification and Water Management to Research Facilities and Remote Humanitarian Compounds.


Rugged, high energy solutions – typically used for Critical Water, Oil & Gas Infrastructure, as well as Communications, Internet and Media Networks.

SEGs are designed for 20+ years of operation, are fully automatic, silent, require no fuel, produce no emissions, require very little maintenance and are amongst the most reliable electricity generators in the world. 


  • Array of Solar Modules to generate sufficient power for the specified load, 365 days a year.

  • Array Structure to support the solar modules at the correct tilt to maximize output.

  • An Industrial Grade Sealed Lead Acid Battery Bank with capacity for three full days autonomy to support the load through unforeseen low sun periods. Housed in a rugged polypropylene container.

  • System Controllers to maximize the battery charging and manage the load. Remote monitoring and metering facilities are standard.

  • All cables and hardware necessary for easy and robust installation.

  • Systems come as 12, 24 or 48V configuration. 


  • Load Distribution units (produced to client requirements)

  • Power Conditioning: CPC, OVL DC & AC/DC converters

  • Enhanced electrical protection from user equipment, lightening, etc.

  • Nickel Cadmium batteries for cold environments or where extended
    life is valuable

  • Battery Containers in stainless steel or Polypropylene

  • A range of security / anti-theft features

  • Rugged components including armoured cables and metal cable
    glands for chemical or harsh environments

  • Local displays – for status and diagnostics

  • Communications systems for remote monitoring

  • Pre‐failure notifications – warn of potential power loss

  • Load profiling – multiple outputs can be prioritised as required

  • Data collection of operational parameters for performance analysis
    and to
     aid fault-finding


SSL provide, as standard, all information required for the safe installation and effective operation of the system.

Drawings include General Arrangement, foundation detail and Electrical Schematics early in the project, with project‐specific drawings produced as required.

Documentation includes Installation sequence, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance, Test and Diagnostics procedures. 

GENERAL ARRANGEMENT DRAWING Showing all dimensions and location of all major components.

FOUNDATION DETAIL DRAWING Specifies concrete or other ground requirements. Allows installation site to be prepared prior to arrival of equipment.

ELECTRICAL SCHEMATIC DRAWING How the system is configured, including cable and gland details.

INSTALLATION, OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL Health and Safety, Recommended Tools, Control & Distribution System, Battery System, Enclosures.

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