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Making an Enquiry

Professional stand-alone PV systems are designed for specific location, load requirement and required level of reliability.

There are no perfect solution. The final deliverable will provide the best balance between capital cost, complexity, reliability and expected lifetime (among other considerations).

Before we can propose a solution


1. Where will the system be used?

Longitude and Latitude; or nearest geographical feature or town.

2. What is the DAILY energy requirement?

Or, what services are to be provided? What equipment is to be powered?


3. A description of the site

Is it accessible by road? Is it secure? Is the weather at site different from the surrounding area?

Before we can provide a quotation


Design options need to be discussed prior to quotation. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Level of spare capacity required

  • Required battery life

  • Space availability

  • Method of installation (concrete foundations, existing structures, etc.)

  • Level of serviceability

  • Resilience of system to accidental damage/vandalism

  • Communications requirements

  • Site access considerations (battery weight, maximum metalwork length, etc.)

Contact Us

Solapak Systems Limited

2 Victoria Hall, Coombe Lane,



EX13 5AX


Company Number: 04594857

VAT Number: GB 803 8877 05

Thank you for your enquiry.

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