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Ancillary Products

Solar Light & USB Device Charger

SSL contributed to the development of this solar rechargeable light. Amongst the hundreds of ‘solar lights’ available, we consider this one of the only products suitable for professional applications.

The product utilises the most up-to-date PV, LED and Lithium battery technology. The strong, wide angle of light is unlikely to run out between daily charges. Main features:

  • High light output of 200+ lumens

  • USB device / cell phone charging capability

  • Remote control handset / light-torch

  • Smart digital status indicator

  • Multiple lighting level control

  • Rugged water-resistant body

  • 2 year warranty

Portable Energy Hubs

Energy hubs are complete, versatile units for low power equipment.

Modern lithium batteries provides very long life and low volume/weight to capacity ratio compared to traditional lead-acid battery technology.

Hubs provide stable USB and pure DC 12V power output. Includes energy usage display and controls.

Common applications include lighting, USB device charging, fans, Television and computer equipment.

High efficiency lighting, TV, Fan and other appliance are available as standard.

Power Banks

SSL power banks are a high value alternative to fuelled generators. They are complete solutions for remote energy needs that can be deployed in minutes – and of course are silent in operation, require no fuel, need only infrequent maintenance and produce no emissions of any kind.

Power banks offer 110/220V single phase AC and 12V DC.

Full electrical protection of all inputs and outputs is standard.

Typical applications include electric fences, power tools, monitoring (short to medium term), ICT equipment, outdoor lighting and site office facilities.

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